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Welcome to Railfan Rails

Within these pages is a simple representation of some of the railfan activities that I pursue to keep me busy and sometimes out of trouble.

Like most railfans, photography is a highly visible part of their participation in the hobby and this holds true at RailfanRails.com. Photography is represented with select images from the past 30 years and is primary presented as historical records and not as works of art.

Over the last 5 years or so Google has opened a whole new area for most railfans, virtual railfaning. Over the past couple of years I have created a number of interactive maps using this new technology. The Virtual Railfaning section provides links to these maps for those who want to sit back in there chair and do some virtual railfaning.

Seems everyone has a blog or Facebook or Myspace page so why be the exception. RailfanRails Blog is my attempt at a blog and is updated almost weekly.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to bookmark the site if you like what you see.